Holiday in Flevoland

Peripheral lakes

A greater contrast in landscape will be hard to find. In the Randmeren territory between the province of Flevoland at one bank, and Gelderland, Utrecht and Noord Holland at the other side, past and present lie very close to each other. While the atmosphere of the old fishermen towns at the former Zuiderzee remained, in the previous centry new land arose in the water creating a unique region.

Nature and landscape

The Randmeren territory consists of the Veluwemeer, Wolderwijd, Nuldernauw, Nijkerkernauw, Eemmeer and Gooimeer. Also Ketelmeer and IJmeer are considered part of the region. The peripheral lakes were created after the construction of the Flevopolders in the IJsselmeer.

In contrary to the draining of the Noordoostpolder this part of Flevoland is not directly connected to the already existing land. After the construction of the Noordoostpolder the government realized that building a big polder right beside existing land caused major problems with water management, because groundwater of the higher situated land flowing to the lower polders.

Because the Flevopolder was constructed with a peripheral lakes surrounding it, a vast lake territory arose at the east and south side of the province of Flevoland where nature received a chance to redevelop itself and new recreational opportunities where formed in the process. Because of the various streams that end in the lakes, mostly from the Veluwe, the Randmeren have a relatively good water quality. This makes the region very attractive to birds and unique plant growth.

Recreation in the territory is, not surprisingly, concentrated on and around the water. Popular aquatic sports like sailing, canoeing, surfing and kite surfing can be practiced. A cooperation of authorities and nature organizations guarantees that nature and recreation can exist together without disturbing each other.

Culture and settlements

Not only water sports makes the Randmeren territory interesting for tourism, also the old towns and cities that surround the lakes are very nice. In towns like Huizen, Bunschoten and Harderwijk developed in the past because of the yield of the fishing activities at the Zuiderzee. Because the fish population changed dramatically because of the construction of the Afsluitdijk, replacing the salt Zuiderzee with the more fresh watered IJsselmeer, fishermen were forced to give up their jobs or move to other harbors. Yet in the old cities the characteristic atmosphere did not disappear at all.


Because the vastness of the territory and the fact that it is spread over no less that four different provinces, tourism information is being provided by various organisations. VVV-offices can be found in for instance Bunschoten-Spakenburg, Elburg, Ermelo, Harderwijk, Putten, Zeewolde and Huizen.

Directly surrounding the Randmeren region there are also several other destinations that could be worth a day trip when you’re in the area, like the Veluwe, Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Het Gooi. There are also several major amusement parcs in the Randmeren region.

Holiday and recreation surrounding the peripheral lakes of Flevoland

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