Land van Cuijk

In the northeast of the province of Noord-Brabant, we find the Land of Cuijk, along the river Meuse and directly beside the Peel region. A unique place with a unique varied landscape, extensive recreation options and a rich cultural history.

Nature and landscape

Very specific for the Land van Cuijk is the so-called Maasheggenlandschap, or Meuse hedges landscape. This landscape consists mainly of hawthorn and have enclose the pastures for centuries. You could say that the dense braided hedges of hawthorn and blackthorn are the precursors of modern-day barbed wire in the agricultural landscape. Large parts of the territory received the status of cultural inheritance and fall under management of the Dutch Staatsbosbeheer organization.

Next to the Meuse hedges, the Country of Cuijk also knows more natural types of scenery, like the heath and sanddunes of the nature reserve De Maashorst, which is with its surface of 4000 hectares the largest nature reserve of Brabant.

Culture and settlements

Cuijk and surroundings have been of great influence to the region over the course of history. Cuijk itself has been founded as a Celtic settlment. The name 'Keukja' (later Ceuclum) is the Celtic word for bend, which refers to a curve in the Meuse near Cuijk.

Cuijk had an important strategical role for a long time, like during the Roman times when an important road between Tongeren and Nijmegen ran through it. Cuijk possessed town privileges for long time, but sold this at a certain moment to Grave. A third important residence is Boxmeer, the magnificence that owned a status as an independent state until around 1800.

The influence of the Land van Cuijk, but also the fact that the region itself was under different influences throughout history, can be noticed through the many sights in the area. Like the castles, churches and monasteries that had their role in the administration and the culture of the Land van Cuijk.

The many sights of the Land van Cuijk, the mills, museums and characteristic landscape make a stay in this region to a very special experience. Besides spending visits to these things, the Country of Cuijk is also very suitable for making long walks, bicycle holidays and water recreation.

More information

Tourism information offices are to be found in Boxmeer, Cuijk, Gennep, Grave and Sint Anthonis. Land van Cuijk is well accessible via the highways A73 or A74, or by railway with stations in Cuijk, Boxmeer and Vierlingsbeek.

If you are on a holiday inside the Land van Cuijk, also consider the possibility of spending a day out just outside the region, in cities like Nijmegen, Den Bosch and Venlo and the various parks and museums nearby.

Holiday and recreation in the Land van Cuijk region

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