Betuwe region

In the southwest of the province Gelderland, we find the Betuwe, enclosed by the rivers the the Waal in the south and the Lek and the Nederrijn in the north.  A region that is especially known for its fruit culture and Flipje, the mascotte of the jellyfactory from Tiel, but where a lot more can be experienced on scenic and recreational wise.

Nature and landscape

The reputation as fruit orchard of Holland of the Betuwe comes mostly from its location between rivers.  Changing stream channels and stream banks saw brought fertile sand and clay ground creating a very fertile soil suitable for frute culture.

Togetther with the Land van Maas en Waal and the Bommelerwaard the Betuwe region forms the Rivierenland district. Besides the fruit culture, there are a lot of agricultural and arboricultural activities going on. This makes De Betuwe a varied landscape.

Culture and settlements

The early habitation in the Betuwe concentrated mainly along the river banks.  Here the inhabitants were relatively well protected against the water and so various settlements arose in the course of centuries.

The last decades at excavations many discoveries were done that remember of the Roman era. The border of the Roman Empire in The Netherlands was along the Nederrijn and the Oude Rijn for a long time, thus partly parallel to the Betuwe. Except small finds also various temples and villas were excavated that demonstrate the influences of Rome in the region.

Inside historical cities like Tiel, Buren and Culemborg a lot of things remember us to the past, like the many monuments in the cities centers. The inhabitants of the Betuwe attach great value to their traditions, like the annual fruit parade.

More recent the Betuwe was in the news because of other things, for instance the constructions of highway but especially the Betuwelijn, a new cargo transport railway between Rotterdam and the Ruhr Area. The railway should simplify the transport of goods between these industrial ports, that has been based on the main rivers in the past. The Betuwelijn traverses the characteristic Betuwe landscape and various old settlements, where people had to abandon their homes. Despite various issues during construction the Betuwespoorlijn is currently operating.

Who leaves the busy ship transports on the large rivers behind will meet yet another river. The Linge streams straight through the Betuwe. This small river is very popular with tourists because of its idyllic looks and is extremely suitable for making canoe journeys.

More information

Besides the fixed events like the fruitcorso the Betuwe is worth while for a vacation or day out throughout the entire year. The region is characterized by rest and the space. The cities and scenery with its rivers and fruit orchards are very suitable for walks and bicycle journeys.

The tourist information service is not based on ‘VVV’-offices, but has been spread over 45 information posts that you will find among museums, camp grounds and hotels. At these spots you can acquire directions for walking and bicycle journeys but also brochures and tourist tips.

Holiday and recreation in the region of Betuwe

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